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This site has been set up to assist those who need help with their GCSE and A-Level German Studies and those who already speak German, either as a second language or because their mother tongue is German and would like to meet once a month to practice their language skills.


As I am based in London and live on the outskirts, touching on North Kent I am interested in rekindling the German speaking group I started in 2003. More on the German Circle of Friends can be found on the respective page.


If you are in primary or secondary school and have German as a foreign language and would like to have your German Language coursework checked please visit the coursework checking service page.


This Domain and Website is for sale. Its reasonably priced and gets many visitors.

I no longer offer any kind of lessons or correction of written work as I have started to study myself for a Science degree.




What the German Friends can do for you:


  • Would you like to speak German more fluently in private or at business meetings?
  • Are your language skills a bit rusty?
  • Feel confident and speak German fluently!




Free Offer for other German Tutors

If you are a registered German Teacher in the UK and would like to get a free listing then please contact me. This site gets lots of visitors who require all kinds of tuitition from all over the UK and I cannot take on most of the work due to location. The listing service is FREE and you will be listed for as long as you want or as long as this site is up and running.



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The German Circle of Friends is looking for people who would like to make friends with British and Germans in the UK to keep up their language skills. Who knows, you might even make new friends for a lifetime.


Verlieren Sie nicht Ihre Muttersprache

Wer viele Jahre im Ausland lebt kann das Deutsch verlernen. Mir geht es so und es waere gut gewesen wenn die Kinder auch mal mit anderen Deutschsprachigen haetten reden koennen.


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Most pupils and students have learnt the basics (grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation) in school, college and universities, but do not have the confidence to speak in public.

There is a big difference to just recite learned sentences, compared to the free and creative use of the language & to be understood and to understand what is being said. To be able to hold a conversation confidently, able to read newspapers, magazines and books. The ultimate would be to understand and being able to watch German movies.